Who We Are ?

Jigsaw Africa Wildlife Safaris (JAWS) is a leading provider of customized wildlife safari experiences. Our passion for everything related to wildlife safari is evident in the wide range of options we offer, from camping on the savanna to see the great migration, to exploring the thick forests of Asia in search of amazing wildlife. We believe that every safari should be tailored to the individual, and our expert guides work closely with each guest to create a unique and unforgettable experience.

Our commitment to sustainable wildlife tourism is at the forefront of everything we do. We understand the importance of preserving these natural habitats and the animals that call them home for future generations.

At Jaws Africa, we offer a variety of activities to suit every interest. Whether you’re looking for a guided game drive, a photography safari with our experienced wildlife photographer, or a luxurious stay at one of our premier wildlife camps, we have something for everyone.

We strive to create the best experiences through our superior services and care, and our enthusiasm for making your visit memorable is unmatched. If you’re looking for an adventure of a lifetime, look no further than Jaws Africa. Join us on safari and discover the beauty and majestic natural world.

Our wings are spread across different wildlife destinations in Africa, Asia and Middle-East.

Get 100% Satisfaction With Our Service

  • There are a lot of great reasons for working with Jaws Africa Safaris to plan your wildlife expeditions around the globe.
  • Honest independent advice from knowledgeable and experienced Africa experts.
  • Holidays with 100% financial protection.
  • Competitive Market Packages with no overwhelming hidden cost.
  • Once a trip is confirmed we will not charge you for any currency fluctuations.
  • Our bookings can be done from 1 week or 1 month prior to the trip with very minimal advance.
  • We support balance payment on arrival in most destinations.
  • We are available 24 hours 7 days a week emergency phone cover.
  • We are committed for looking after the environment.
  • We listen to your wishes and use our experience to tailor a safari that suits you perfectly.

Our Vision

“Our goal is to be the premier provider of customized and engaging wildlife experiences, making us the top choice for anyone seeking adventure in the great outdoors.”

Our Mission

“Our mission is to deliver exceptional experiences by providing superior service and care, committing to sustainable wildlife tourism, and fostering a passion for making your visit unforgettable and inclusive to all.”

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Meet Our Team

“Our team is made up of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who are committed delivering exceptional safari experience for our clients. With a diverse range of expertise and experience, we are able to work closely with you to create a tailor-made itinerary that meets your interests and preferences.

Dr.Kamalak Kannan
Founder & CEO
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Mr. Kamalak Kannan BV is our CEO and Founder of Jaws Africa. Being an avid traveler and wildlife photographer he created this company to provide the best in class and affordable wildlife experience to every class of explorers. His visions are wide and has willingness to spread the wings of Jaws Africa in exploring every part of our planet.

He has built great rapport which experts across the wildlife community. He is currently working as a performance engineer in middle east in Oil/Gas field holding 20 years of experience. Concurrently runs the wildlife safari and photography expeditions.

Harikrishnan K
Tourism Strategist
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Harikrishnan K is a skilled tourism strategist who is dedicated to providing exceptional travel experiences for visitors to Africa. As a key member of Jaws Africa Wildlife Safaris, he brings his expertise in crafting unique and personalized travel experiences that showcase the diverse and breathtaking beauty of Africa. With a keen focus on sustainability and conservation, Harikrishnan is committed to promoting responsible tourism practices that benefit local communities and preserve the natural environment. His passion and commitment to designing unforgettable and sustainable journeys through Africa make him an invaluable asset to the Jaws Africa team.

Raheem Mwema
Guide & Wildlife Expert – Kenya
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Mr. Raheem Mwema is an awesome guide working with our team in Kenya Operations. He knows the language of a wildlife photographer and vast experience in wildlife tracking and also works closely with local Maasai community to bring the clients the best-in-class experience.

Bruno Apolnary John
Guide & Wildlife Expert – Tanzania
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Mr. Bruno Apolnary John is our best-in-class wildlife expert from Tanzania and he his prominently known was his birding skills. He has extensive worked in different national parks of Tanzania.

Desale Mitiku
Fleet Support & Consultant – Ethiopia
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Mr. Desale Mitiku is our Senior Consultant for our exclusive activities in Ethiopia. He has extensive field experience and have worked as board of directors in different tourism associations including the Ethiopian Tour Operators Association and international organizations. 

He is an avid traveler and explorer who has personally visited many destinations in African continent to build relationship and executing travel business plans. He is very active in very communal activities for the welfare of the local people and wildlife conservation.  

Neeraj Singh
Fleet Support & Big Cats Specialist – India
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Mr. Neeraj Singh is our active coordinator for all our Indian Safaris. He is predominantly a tiger expert having his ground from Central India. He has worked extensively with many avid photographers and BBC.

Paul Kariuki Mwangi
Fleet Support & Consultant – Kenya
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Mr. Paul Kariuki Mwangi majorly handles all the operations of Jaws Africa in Kenya. We call him Mr. Speed by the way he executes the requests and put things in right place. He has vast experience and local support in Kenya and beyond.

Yohanes Mitiku Asfaw
Guide & Wildlife Expert – Ethiopia
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Mr. Yohanes Mitiku Asfaw, our guide from Ethiopia is very unique. His in-depth knowledge of Ethiopia, let it be culture, tradition or wildlife are immense. He is such a remarkable person who can feed you with lots of information beyond your expectations. He is an excellent birder, wildlife tracker and has lots of collaboration with local communities and naturalist in Ethiopia.

Umutoniwase Marie Solange
Fleet Support & Consultant – Rwanda
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Mrs. Umutoniwase Marie Solange has continued to provide the best support for our team yet to date for our Rwanda Operations. She has vast experience in travel industry and have special affinity for Primates Wildlife Tourism. She has good lead in surrounding destinations like Uganda and DRC for primates tracking.

Silvano Josephat Mangu
Guide and Wildlife Expert – Tanzania
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Mr. Silvano Josephat Mangu is one of our favorite wildlife guides from Tanzania build-in with lots of knowledge about animal behaviors. When you are on a safari with him you need patience, that being said he pays lots of attention and as he makes sure the wildlife photographers get all the best shots of their lifetime. He has quite a lot experience with many global media companies for many wildlife documentaries.

Mrs. Isabelle Solo
Fleet Support & Consultant – Madagascar
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Mrs. Isabelle Solo is a highly experienced travel professional with over 10 years of experience in the industry, she has honed her skills in local wildlife tourism. As the head of operations in Madagascar, Mrs. Solo is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Jaws Africa’s packages in this region. Her extensive knowledge and expertise make her a valuable asset to the company and ensure that clients have a memorable and safe experience while on safari. With her passion for wildlife and dedication to delivering exceptional customer service, Mrs. Solo is a leader in her field.